As a filming conservator I can assist with the planning of productions or supervise filming or events at any location from historic properties or homes to whole villages. This role can include a myriad of things such as:

  •  Advice on appropriate lighting (Lux Levels) and use of other hot works
  •  Set dressing possibilities and use of property owned items as dressing or props
  •  Use of SFX  such as haze
  •  The siting of honeywagons, catering, production vehicles or light and camera rigs.

This is not an exhaustive list – just examples. The overall aim is to ensure the risk of damage to house, garden or collection items is minimised throughout every stage of the production.

I can be involved at any stage of the production and have previous experience of work on prep, film & strike to make sure every eventuality is covered. I am usually the buffer between the film crews & the owners/managers of the location working within pre-approved parameters to make the filming run as smoothly as possible.

I have experience of working on everything from large blockbuster movies to TV dramas and documentaries at both historic properties and even in whole villages & have Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance. I have also completed Coronavirus Awareness in Productions Training.

Film Productions have included: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (Crimes of Grindlewald), Mr. Holmes, Crooked House

TV Productions have included: Sherlock, Dr Who, Wolf Hall, Galavant, Dr Thorne, Churchill’s Secret, 24hours in the Past.

Please get in touch to see if I can help!


T:  07709400602